Vodafone were looking for support to drive their global and local Opco customer experience improvement programme. We analysed maturity of customer experience, engaged in customer journey mapping exercises, organised customer experience safari’s and facilitated the customer experience part of the Vodafone Way for senior executives: 

“combines the ability to develop and deliver an authentic experience for his clients with a great depth of knowledge of his subject. This drives real actionable insight even for an audience of senior leaders with years spent focussing on delivering the customer experience.”

Julia Jack, Vodafone Way programme lead

Royal Mail



We mapped the end-to-end goods distribution customer experience (£1Bn business) & the advertising experience.

We worked with a cross-functional team of people and knowledge transferred the methodology as we went. Prioritised the vital few actions and set up programmes to fix the key issues and injected a number of key ideas into the innovation pipeline.

“You can take it you have our full support for this work …now what resources do you need?”
 Mark Higson, (former) Managing Director 

British Gas



Many customer experience mapping and design engagements across Energy, Home Service and Smart Homes businesses, including leading the customer experience workstream for Smart Home (Hive products). 

“a wealth of experience used to add real value to our programme delivery and challenge to ensure we got to the right answer for the business and the customer. The frameworks used and focus on the customer are exceptional.”

Gayle Terry, Smart Home programme lead 

Domestic & General



Mapped the customer Journeys, evaluated the value at stake in all the journeys, modelled the drivers of customer experience and linked to the financial impact of improvements to inform the 5-year value creation strategy.

“moved the mindset of the business and helped focus us on the key value drivers” Dean Keeling, (former) Managing Director, Domestic and General